A safe holiday

Rooms Sanitized in Ozone

Customization, attention to detail, care and hospitality have always distinguished our philosophy. This is why we have reorganized our services, following the directions of the WHO, to offer you a peaceful holiday in our hotels, taking advantage of the large spaces we can count on, both outdoors and indoors. On this page you will find details and answers to your doubts, but for any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

How to reach Sardinia

By plane or ship, you can arrive in Sardinia all year round. Plan your trip from here.

How to reach Sardinia

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Our rooms are very spacious and have a small private garden or a terrace where you can comfortably sit, just like at home. As usual they will be daily cleaned and sanitized and treated with ozone at every guest change. The linen as well is sanitized as usual with certified products.


Our swimming pool, on the top floor terrace, has ample space: we have placed the sunbeds, one meter apart, they will be sanitized after each use. The chlorine treatments and its constant monitoring allow us to guarantee the absolute safety of the pool.

The Welcoming

When you will arrive, we will not be able to hug you. Yet, our eyes will show you our big smiles, even if hidden by the masks that we all have to wear in the common indoors areas of the hotel. For your check-in we have provided faster methods (such as possibility of web check-in) and also a concierge area, distant from the reception desk, to be able to give you all the information you may need. Even when the time to leave will come, the check-out procedures will be faster and scheduled.
In all the common areas of the hotel you will also find hand sanitizers and a sort of “guided tour” panels with all the fundamental information and rules about services made as simple and intuitive for you enjoy the most your vacation. If needed, gloves and masks are also available upon request.

Breakfast Room

Our staff will be happy to book sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach of Porto Taverna or to provide you with all the information to explore the free beaches in our area.


Our new breakfast room and the outdoor area guarantee the spacing of the tables. All our staff will wear the mask.

Hygiene and Sanitation

Hygiene and sanitation in our hotels have always been very attentive and now our attention will be even greater. You will often find our collaborators in the common areas of the hotel, constantly cleaning and sanitizing with certified and specific detergents. For complete and guaranteed sanitization, we are now fully equipped with ozone devices for a deep disinfection of all furnishings and fabrics, both in the common areas and in the rooms. Particular attention will be also given to the sanitation of air conditioning machines.


After having been properly prepared and trained to ensure you an excellent service in total serenity, all our team is ready, willing and able. We all are already looking forward to welcoming you. All our collaborators, from the reception to the restaurant, will respect all the hygiene rules and will always wear their mask: your peace of mind, as well as theirs, is our priority.


With our ‘Holiday guaranteed’ offer, we would like to offer you greater flexibility and ensure you economic safety, vouching for you any possible cancellation with a new holiday in the future. You can choose between the three rates our voucher offer, the one that best suits you.
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