Surrounded by a luxuriant nature, the small village of Porto San Paolo overlooks the wonderful reserve in the marine protected area of Tavolara – Punta Coda Cavallo: an alternation of fascinating beaches and charming coves and small bays, separated by extraordinary headlands.

At dawn’s first light, the sun rises over the sea creating evocative views, lighting up the peculiar contour of Tavolara that majestically appears from the crystal clear sea.
Here grows the extremely rare Stellina di Tavolara, an exclusive endemism that only lives on the northern slop’s rocks of this island.
Numerous varieties of birds are the main actors of the sky; they have chosen to nest in this island which was identified as one of the most important international areas already in 1986.
A spectacular expanse of Neptune grassand Mediterranean coralligenous pastures animate the sea bottom lending it a great ecological variability that represents a true paradise for divers.

The other soul side of this territory is its hill hinterland, characterised by the typical dwellings of the so-called culture of stazzi: manor houses surrounded by cultivated lands and grazing lands which used to be small independent entities of the agro-pastoral society.
Venturing further inland, the time seems to stop among the centuries-old tree and the majestic nuraghi, evidences of the prehistoric age in the ancient Sardinian civilization.